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About CFUP

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The Centre for unsolvable problems was founded in 2009 by Frans de Vlieger with the aim to research the functioning of the human psyche. The profile of the organization and its collaborations have changed several times since the start and as of 2016 Frans de Vlieger is an independent researcher again.


Frans graduated in 1988 in electrophysics at Eindhoven University of Technology. The subject of his final thesis was the development of the LED. After that he started working in telecommunications. First as a technical trainer and finally as manager marketing. In terms of content, his work was marked by the rise and development of the internet. In 2002 he changed direction. Where before the newest technical insights in telecommunications were the foundation of his work, then his new insights into the human psyche started to take this central role. They formed the basis for his work as an independent consultant in intercultural education and international business. He was a consultant until 2009. In essence, he approached the psyche in the same technical way much as he was used to in physics. This became the basis for his research from 2009 onwards. From the results of his research he developed Next Level Learning. Everything needed to engage in Next Level Learning has been available on this website since beginning 2019. The experiences of participants in Next Level Learning affirm the workings and results as described on this website. Learn more about the findings of Frans’ research in the book "Consciousness upgrade for transition in the 21st century".


Photo of Frans de Vlieger (1964)

The illustrations on this website were made by Andrea Voigt.

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